TOEIC ETS 2022 – Test 10 – Question 176

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Đọc đoạn văn dưới đây và chọn câu trả lời phù hợp nhất cho câu hỏi.

Here at Hapler’s Landscape Company, we believe that landscape design does not have to be challenging. Our goal is to design unique, beautiful gardens that meet our clients’ specifications and require minimal care once they have been planted. We also care deeply about reducing air, soil, and water pollution. For more information about how we achieve this, visit
Our process is implemented in four phases. This is how it works:
Phase 1 – One of our consultants will call you and discuss your goals and vision for your property.
Phase 2 – We will conduct a thorough survey of your land to collect information on water level, elevation, soil type, and sun patterns. Note that we work on many projects at once and may not complete the survey until up to a month after your initial consultation call.
Phase 3 – Our design specialists will present you with a proposed design to suit your existing landscape. We will discuss adjustments until you are satisfied with every aspect of the plan.
Phase 4 – We will implement the design per approved project specifications.
Are you ready to get this process started and watch your land change before your eyes? Contact Hapler’s at 01632 960255.”



Date: 22 February

Subject: Proposal


Dear Ms. Grotenhuis,

I have attached an initial draft of a landscape design for you to consider. In our property walk-through, you indicated where you want to have a walkway from the parking area to your office. However, we are proposing something slightly different for you to consider. Experience has taught us to make pathways in commercial settings as direct as possible. Otherwise, people often walk through the grass anyway. You also mentioned wanting year-round flowers, so we have incorporated a variety of native plants with different blooming seasons into the design.

Please give me a call once you’ve had a chance to look at this design and I’ll walk you through the details.

Martin Sampsell

What does the brochure indicate about the company’s designs?

They are colorful.

They are easy to maintain.

They make use of vacant areas.

They incorporate old structures.

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