TOEIC ETS 2022 – Test 10 – Question 199

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Đọc đoạn văn dưới đây và chọn câu trả lời phù hợp nhất cho câu hỏi.

Dublin in the Sun
with Donovan Tour Operators
The following tours run from 1 April to 30 August. Please visit our headquarters or phone us at +353 22 455 0827 for tour start times each day.
Dublin Castle – 3 hours, €15 per person
Guided tour of Dublin’s thirteenth-century castle led by experts in its history. Price includes entry to the castle. Starts and finishes at the castle’s main visitor entrance.
Secrets of Dublin – 2 hours, €12 per person
Walking tour around Dublin. Discover its untold stories. Starts and finishes at Donovan’s headquarters.
Garden of Ireland – 5 hours, €30 per person
Half-day excursion to the mountains south of Dublin and the old city of Kilkenny. Starts and finishes at Gardiner Street Coach Station.
Galway Mini Cruise – 9 hours, €70 per person
Full-day excursion to the Atlantic coast for a mini cruise beside the magnificent Cliffs of Moher. Includes lunch. Starts and finishes at Gardiner Street Coach Station.

Donovan Tour Operators: July Summary

Tours Name Tour per day Everage profit per tour (€) Everage profit per day (€) Average customer review (/5)
Dublin Castle 8 41 328 4.8
Secrets of Dublin 6 58 348 3.3
Garden of Ireland 2 124 248 4.5
Galway Mini Cruise 1 -297 -297 4.6



Date: 13 August

Subject: Tour offerings

Dear Mr. Gupta,

As you know, we will be reducing our tour offerings as we move into the less busy months for tourism. I was thinking we should discontinue the tour to the Cliffs of Moher, as we have not profited from it. But I would like to get confirmation from you on this I before I inform the designers of the new brochure about this decision.

I know you are busy this week with tour guide recruitment for our new October Magic tour, so we can meet on Monday. Would 2 P.M. work?


Sarah O’Malley

What is the purpose of the e-mail?

To place an order for brochures

To explain policies to a new tour guide

To schedule a meeting with a colleague

To respond to a customer complaint

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