TOEIC ETS 2022 – Test 4 – Question 144

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VANCOUVER (3 February) – Poalesco unveiled its annual Plant Showcase today. According to Poalesco spokesman Nacio Roja, this —– (143) offering highlights the company’s latest efforts in botanical research. Many of these efforts result from customer surveys designed to gain an understanding of common challenges. —– (144). This year, the company’s specialized nurseries have turned out drought-hardy breeds, such as the Goldtone Apple Tree. These varietals can withstand extended dry conditions without sustaining damage. “Gardeners in desert —— (145) will appreciate the Goldtones in particular,” noted Roja. “And —– (146) might also be interested in our new Q7 rose bushes, which thrive in a similar climate.”

The company seeks out the most profitable sectors in agriculture.

The company interviews researchers from across the world.

The research and development team then works to develop varietals that address these difficulties.

Their extensive research produces some of the most flavorful plants on the market.

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