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ANTIZIO International
Antizio International is a leading provider of designer ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile. Our products are suitable for both commercial and residential projects, and our mission is to be the best quality supplier in the region!
When you partner with Antizio International, you have access to the most respected brands in the industry. See our Products page for a list of our suppliers from all over the world.
This month’s special: Ventana brand tiles
“Brittany” series ceramic tiles
Country red, violet, pink (15 percent off)
Taupe, tan, soft green (20 percent off)
***Sale prices valid March 1-15***

TO: Purchasing agents

FROM: Antizio International

DATE: March 24

SUBJECT: Inventory update

Effective April 1, the following products will be discontinued.

Product line
Ventana “Valentina”-all colors (entire line)

“Brittany”-country red, violet, taupe

Medoro “Solidstone”-all colors

“Elementa”–black, gray

Orders for these products cannot be accepted after April 1. Return of these products cannot be accepted after May 1.

ANTIZIO International

Merchandise Return

Please review our return policy before submitting this form. Returns must be made within 60 days of purchase and must be in original, unused condition.

Return date: May 12
Customer name: William Lin, WKL Contractors, Inc.
Original invoice date: March 20
Item name: Medoro brand-“Elementa” tile
Color: Gray
Quantity: 20 boxes
Price/box: $70
Reason for return: Actual color does not match catalog image
Form of return requested: þ Refund      or   Store credit

In what industry does Antizio International do business?

Building materials

Commercial advertising

Computer manufacturing

Fashion design

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