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The new Nozawa 10 is finally here! We have made our dashboard navigation system fully voice enabled. With our Nozawa Navigation Interface (NNI), drivers can stay focused on the road. We have also added cupholders between the front seats, enhanced the back-seat speakers, and expanded the cargo area by 29 liters. Check Out Our new model at your Nozawa Motors dealer, and let us know what you think!

Do you have any comments, questions, or concerns?

I’ve been a Nozawa customer for more than a decade, and I recently got a new Nozawa 10. Overall, I am happy with my purchase, but l am not pleased with the new position of the cupholders. Some air vents could have been placed there instead, and it would have made the heating and cooling system more efficient.

Like other drivers, I too have had some problems with the NNI system. do, however, really like being able to fit more in the trunk, and this model’s acceleration power seems to have improved compared with previous models.

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Name: Michelle Herrera     E-mail address:


From: Tabitha Marks
To: Nozawa Service Center Managers
Subject: New release

We received negative customer feedback about the new Nozawa 10 model’s NNI system. In response we have just released a new NNI software update that fixes the bugs. Please begin installing this update immediately to all current year Nozawa 10s that are brought to your shops for servicing. You can expect an increase in Nozawa 10s being brought in for service as we will be notifying all owners that this update is available.

What needs to be corrected?

The vehicle service records

A navigation device

Customer contact information

The stereo system

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