TOEIC ETS 2022 – Test 6 – Question 166

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Đọc đoạn văn dưới đây và chọn câu trả lời phù hợp nhất cho câu hỏi.

From: Vera Fernandez
To: Carla Rosa
Sent: June 07, 12:47 P.M.
Subject: Initiatives for distance learning
Dear Ms. Rosa,
I am contacting you on behalf of the Dolina Foundation. Our mission is to promote the use of distance-learning platforms in rural areas and communities that are isolated geographically. We do so through a network of partners in the technology industry. We would be honored to have your company join our network.
At 2:00 P.M. on June 25, Dolina is sponsoring a presentation entitled “Distance Learning in Rural Libraries.” The presentation will be given online as a webinar, using some of the technologies our partners have developed. Jay Ralston, the foundation’s director of systems integration, will describe technologies being used to support academic and vocational education programs. In addition, five librarians will discuss how they offer a variety of education programs in their regions using technologies developed and delivered by our business partners. To register for the webinar, and to learn more about our foundation’s projects, visit our Web site at
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We hope that you will consider our invitation.
With kind regards,
Vera Fernandez, Outreach Coordinator

What does the Dolina Foundation do?

Sell software to schools

Print textbooks used in schools

Use technology to support learning

Build libraries in large cities

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