TOEIC ETS 2022 – Test 8 – Question 171

Đinh Hải Dương

Câu 1

Đọc đoạn văn dưới đây và chọn câu trả lời phù hợp nhất cho câu hỏi.

Franklin Smith (7:51 A.M.)
Good morning, Josephine and Carl. Is either one of you at the office yet? My train is running late and I want to make sure everything is set up for our 8:30 A.M. workshop.
Josephine Mallian (7:56 A.M.)
I’m walking in now. What can I do to help, Franklin?
Carl Domingo (7:57 A.M.)
I’ll be there in about ten minutes. Are you talking about the workshop in the Aster Room? Because there is another workshop taking place in Obell Hall too.
Franklin Smith (7:59 A.M.)
Yes, the one in the Aster Room—the Sawy Steel sales workshop.I would appreciate it if you would rearrange the seats into a circle, turn on the projector, and run through the presentation slides I sent last night, just to make sure that everything, including the audio, is working.
Carl Domingo (8:02 A.M.)
Got it. l actually set the chairs up last night.
Josephine Mallian (8:04 A.M.)
Thanks, Carl. Would you mind printing out fifteen copies of the agenda while l take care of the rest?
Carl Domingo (8:05 A.M.)
Sure.I’ll get it done as soon as possible.
Franklin Smith (8:07 A.M.)
Thank you both. My train is arriving now. I think I’ll make it in time.
Josephine Mallian (8:08 A.M.)
No problem, Franklin. We will also make sure there is plenty of coffee for you!

What is Mr. Domingo asked to do?

Bring coffee to his coworkers

Make changes to some slides

Meet Mr. Smith at the station

Make some copies

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