TOEIC ETS 2022 – Test 9 – Question 138

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To: All Sales Associates
From: Dean Verdoorn
Date: June 27
Subject: Store improvement
It is very important to us at V and J Camping Supplies that we work together as a unit. Teamwork not only improves productivity but also leads to increased satisfaction for customers and employees.—– (135),  we will be combining a team-building exercise with an in-store improvement plan that we believe will make employees, management, and customers happy.
We will be redesigning the walls in our stores to look like trees with hollow spaces —– (136) products can be displayed. These outdoor-themed shelves are actually easy-to-assemble modular wall units. Associates —– (137) the task to work cooperatively in teams to assemble them. —– (138). When it is completed, we will stock the shelves and have a fun grand reopening event for customers.
More information will be forthcoming.
Dean Verdoorn
Buildings Director

Customers have been informed.

This project should take one day.

An announcement will be made soon.

These units are available in several colors.

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