TOEIC ETS 2022 – Test 9 – Question 168

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Public Works Challenge
CARBERRY (April 15)From its inception, the Carberry Public Works Building has met with little appreciation from the public. When architects unveiled the blueprints for the structure, longtime residents argued that its bright colors and angular shapes did not blend well with Carberry’s distinctive redbrick buildings. Local concerns even sparked the creation of a social media group, whose members urged residents to voice their opinions at town council meetings and in other public forums. -[1]-
In the end, a more conservative version of the original building design was drafted and the grand opening was planned for April 28. -[2]- However, the owners of nearby buildings started to report drainage issues caused by significant water runoff.
“When the property was an open field with grass and trees, excess rainwater was quickly absorbed into the ground,” explains Trudy Molina, owner of the Axios Office Building. “Now water pools up and floods adjacent parking areas during heavy rains.” -[3]—.
According to town manager Bert Montiel, the unfortunate result of the building project was unforeseen, and construction engineers are working swiftly to correct the issue before the Public Works Building opens. -[4]—.A team has begun the installation of additional gutters and connecting drains to divert the water to the neighborhood’s underground sewer system. The work should be completed in time to celebrate the building’s opening in late May.

What was the subject of initial complaints about the Carberry Public Works Building?

Its size

Its design

Its location

Its purpose

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