TOEIC ETS 2022 – Test 1 – Question 137


Câu 1

Chọn đáp án phù hợp nhất để điền vào chỗ trống

I recently received a last-minute invitation to a formal dinner. I bought a suit and needed it tailored as —–(135) as possible. A friend suggested that I use Antonio’s Tailoring Shop in downtown Auckland. When I met Antonio, he gave me his full attention —– (136) his shop was busy. He took the time to listen to me and carefully noted all my measurements. He then explained all the tailoring costs up front and assured me that he could have my suit ready in three days, but he had it done in two! —– (137).
Antonio has run his shop for over 30 years, and his experience really shows. He is a —– (138) tailor.
I highly recommend him.
Jim Kestren, Auckland


Of course, the shop is busiest on Saturdays.

The suit fits me perfectly too.

I made another purchase.

He used to sell shirts.

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